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Meet Destiny.

Cancer, Metal Sign, Visionary



Beauty Guides

You're Gorgeous, Babe

She spilling the beans on her favorite European skin care regimen, professional makeup as well as her favorite brain support supplements made from plant DNA.


Athleisure but better

Destiny knows that you love all things comfortable and sparkly. She also knows that you haven't found many things that are both that's why she designed her Love Always, Shanni collection especially for you. #loveatfirstsquat

We see you, Sis.

Safety, success + cycle breaking

We agree - this can be great for you and you would be amazing at it! And yes, you definitely deserve the break!  

However, safety in your home is a must. Believe us, we tried; and, the success doesn't last when you're not ok. There is no faking it until you make it when there is abuse in your home. 

Let's get you to safe soil before we plan for you to bloom and thrive. 

We have plenty of time, I promise.

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