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As an online business and marketing expert with a proven track record of generating five-figure incomes, I am passionate about helping female entrepreneurs achieve the results they seek in the digital market.


By sharing my unique approach to networking and connecting, I’ve been able to help nearly 100 other women turn their mompreneurship dreams into a reality. Building + managing a business can be challenging whether you’re in a digital or strictly physical space. If you’re not careful, the toxic beliefs you were handed as a child will creep in and stall you like they did with me every time I got close to my big dream of being a world famous model. I had no idea going into the industry that modeling is 90% hustle and 10% looks.


I’m excited to share with you everything I’ve learned about making money online since 2003; as well as the things you only pickup as the child of an entrepreneurial hustler - like weaving relatability into your pitch and how to naturally invite others to ask how they can pay you without selling anything.


Topics we’ll cover will include identifying your offer vs your product, naming your ideal client + grabbing their attention with an intentional hook then effortless leading them on the journey that ends with mutual satisfaction and a word of mouth wildfire.


Yes, I’m talking complete internet stranger conversions and new followers that pour in while you sleep after you’ve clearly identified why people are buying you, not your product. Social selling is such an effective marketing technique that conventional businesses are turning to us for ideas to land their next clients. We are the marketing industry leaders & just as legitimate as real estate, insurance and pharmacology.


We’ll also dive into my favorite platforms then talk about connecting to your audience on each one. We’ll cover the art of writing for humans, Google and the algorithm gods at the same time, collaborating with your peers and setting yourself up as an authoritative innovator even if you’re new to the super-saturated industry.


Another point we'll cover will be how to generate at least 5 figures a month without having to resort to creepy DMs, dancing TikToks or paying for any exposure. I can't promise your salary, just that you'll have the tools + the plan I use to consistently generate 5 figures per months. As you refine, your sales I will climb. 

I also know that you are going to want to build a large team once you get the business down which is why I'm including as Bonus #1, my exact strategy that leads to people to beg you to join your team after you’ve positioned yourself as a leader. No, we will not be covering stacking your downline, ‘building’ or buying a team. People will line up for a spot on the team when their bodies read that your body has different information + experience than the rest and you are ready to teach result replication. There's no way round that.


Nobody, I repeat - NOBODY wants to join to join your team to help you get a bonus check. 100% of the people you want on your team will flood your inbox when you start putting out the vibe that you deserve the check because of what you *offer* to *earn* that check.

Which is why for Bonus #2I'm going to give you all of the tools I used to figure that out myself. I know its sucks; but, even the easy money takes work + commitment over convenience. Remember that the most important part is going to be the work you put in + your intentions behind the work not which chapter of your story you're on. And, don't compare your chapter 7 to someone else's chapter 27. You're on your own beautiful journey. Stay present in it. Eventually you'll be in your own chapter 27 & you might even be further ahead because they inspired you. At that point, you'll trip out when you learn that you now inspire those you are inspired by today. 

Bonus #3 will be the exact planner I created to organize + streamline my content creation process - a total must for any influencer with multi-platform dreams.


Bonus #4 Covers all things email - your customer journey, connecting with your team, networking and even brand deals. 

A quick personal note -


January 14, 2020 I lost 5.5L of blood during my last delivery. I knew I was going to hemorrhage out since I had with the last 2 deliveries. Still, I signed the no blood products release; because, I was tired of praying for God to stop waking me up + thought maybe my kids would be better off with no mom than a mom who was never going to be enough for their father or his family.


I was told that 7 out of 10 people who lose 2/3 of their blood supply will die on the table. 2 of the remaining 3 will be intubated and die before the week is over. They said the one who lives is usually in their early 20s, super fit and has a burning desire to make a change on the world.


A miserable, morbidly obese mother of 6 hoping for a God assisted way out of abuse usually goes with the first 7 & never makes it to be the one who lived without intervention. I spent 9 days in the ICU recovering & new that I had to escape *with* my kids and that once I did, I would return to my favorite place to work - the internet.


I knew once I came back to work, you would want to know how to do it. I created this course for you. I am on a mission to empower as many women as I can through financial independence via online entrepreneurship as I can.


If you’re ready to build out your online business, are hungry to learn everything you need to know to watch it grow and finally achieve the financial freedom you deserve, the I invite you to join the list below so you are the first to know when launch day is close.


Using my link will also give you access to another amazing resource! By using the join link [before or after course launch] you will have access to a comprehensive training library meant to educate you on the brand + products, supply you with marketing + advertising tools as well as give you industry insider tips + tricks.


I know you don’t want to miss out on any of the amazing opportunities coming your way in 2023; so, join The List below, then click here to get a jumpstart on your business goals while the course is wrapped up. I’m so excited for you!

Love Always, 


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