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Meet Bianca.

Aries, Fire Sign, Hunts the Good 


Beauty Guides

Your Gorgeous, Babe

She spilling the beans on her favorite European skin care regimine, correcting distractions, combating itnscruties and keeping her brain + endocrine system just as beautiful as her outsides. 


Athleisure but better

She loves all the things as much as you do that's why she designed this line especially for you. 

Her favorite deep squat yoga leggings, sports bra, hoodie, gym bag and mom on the go shoes are all here for you. 

Personally, I'm obsessed with the community changing affirmations and the label. You definitely will step out as community shaper in her Love Always, Shanni collab.

Like a Boss

Organize, Dominate, Travel

Just what you need to keep you on top of your goals, looking stylish and feeling empowered as you hustle for your cause and contribute to the betterment of your local community. Can we just bring attention to her gorgeous luggage for a minute? Talk about an end to boring travel and luggage you can't find. You're welcome. 

Business Coach

Health, Wealth + Happiness

We get it. We are all visual learners around here; which is why, we decided to pour our hearts into creating a visual business school meant to help you connect first so that it never feels like you are selling ever again. 

We want you to hustle smarter not harder.

Finding Balance

With Universal Connection

Unwind with your girl to a mixtape of the songs that shaped her into who you see today. 

She is drawn to music with strong rhythmic beats, impactful lyrics and artists who see through all of her defenses. 

She makes all the rest of her content for you. This is the content that she makes for herself. She hopes you like it; but, doesn't care. It's not always about you.  ; )


Health, Wealth + Happiness

You've mastered the application, you're confident and now your community is asking you to teach them your tricks. You're confident in your offer; and, you want to align with someone you're confident has the ability to teach you how to make eye contact and friends online. 

You're a go-getter, problem solver & self-accountability ninja. In a sea of Disney Princesses, you are Moana. 

We see you, Sis.

Safety, success + cycle breaking

We agree - this can be great for you and you would be amazing at it! Yes, you definitely deserve the break.  

However, safety in your home is a must. Believe us, we tried and he beat me down. 

Let's get you to safe soil before we plan for you to bloom and thrive. 

We have plenty of time, I promise.

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