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Meet Shanni.

Libra, Fire Sign, Poet



Personalized Age Rewind

Personalized, professional color match for the makeup you've been looking for. Your makeup doesn't have to age you or amplify your insecurities, break your bank or suck all your free time anymore!


Click to find out why peopler saying, "it's like photoshop; but, in real life."

Open Call

Models Wanted, Open to All

Girl, it's never too late yo check some things off your bucket list, okay!?!

I've taken care of all of the heavy lifting and most of the work. Consider this my gift to you.



ISO Managers

Relatable, Clear, Committed

You've mastered the application, you're confident and now your community is asking you to teach them your tricks. You're confident in your offer; and, you want to align with someone you're confident has the ability to teach you how to make eye contact and friends online. 

You're a go-getter, problem solver & self-accountability ninja. In a sea of Disney Princesses, you are Moana. 

You Deserve It

Internet Authority

Immerse yourself in the crash course designed to help you understand the basics of building internet authority.

Designed as the bones of your digital house, this crash course covers everything you need to do while waiting for Google to find you. 

For decorating instructions, be sure to grab Online Eye Contact below. 

They Deserve It

Online Eye Contact

Nobody wants to be that person in conversation; yet, we've all been there. These conversations have left us feeling confused, targeted, exploited, resentful and maybe even angry. 

Take a deep dive into mastering eye contact and revolutionize your whole world. 

Create Destiny

Thrive in your intentional life

Your favorite star has her own favorite things. Come see everything she hand selected just for you. 

She designed a full glamliesure outfit including shoes, luggage and a planner designed to empower you while helping you stay on top of your SMART goals. 

She's even picked out her favorite European skincare, professional makeup and plant DNA cellular drops to help you shine both inside and out. [open to Shanni's choices]

I see you, Sis.

Safety, success + cycle breaking

I agree - this can be great for you and you would be amazing at it! Yes, you definitely deserve the break.  

However, safety in your home is a must. Believe me, I tried and he beat me down. 

Let's get you to safe soil before we plan for you to bloom and thrive. 

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